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Across The Desk: Jon Carmack

Jon Carmack | October 28th, 2020

What excites you about OOH right now? With the continued emergence of data-informed OOH placement, the unique, dichotomic nature of OOH is being realized by advertisers. On one hand, you have the blunt force, always-on, brand-building

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Gary Greenstein | October 28th, 2020

For years, the OOH industry has been challenged by brand marketers across multiple verticals to become more accountable via enhanced measurement and attribution capabilities and to transact in a more streamlined way.  In response, our industry

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What to Watch For in the Election

Ken Klein | October 19th, 2020

Here is a cheat sheet — for the out of home industry — on what to watch in the November 3 election. The entire US House and a third of the Senate is up for election.

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What to Watch for in the Election: More Legal Cannabis

Ken Klein | October 14th, 2020

Voters in five states will decide whether to legalize medical and-or recreational marijuana. Here is context: Red, blue, and purple states are voting on cannabis: Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota.  Marijuana is migrating

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Privacy (and the election): Six Things to Look For

Ken Klein | October 13th, 2020

The November 3 election will affect the privacy debate, in California and beyond. As Americans approach the election, here are six things to look for: Privacy is on the ballot in California. Voters there are likely

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Across The Desk – Jim Wilson

OAAA | September 29th, 2020

What excites you about OOH right now? This is an exciting time for the OOH industry, which has shown great resilience. The adaptability and flexibility of OOH demonstrated during the pandemic is proving to be invaluable

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How the Decline of Tracking Will Spur the Rise of OOH

Ari Buchalter | September 8th, 2020

In a recent AdExchanger article entitled “How The Death Of Digital IDs Will Reshape The Marketing Mix” I wrote that “the impending demise of the cookie, IDFA, and likely all 1-to-1 identifiers will rewrite the rules

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