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Look Up

Ken Klein | March 25th, 2020

  At the FDR Memorial — which features Roosevelt’s hydropower innovation, the Tennessee Valley Authority — the underground water pumps are broken. If you look down, a sorry sign says FDR Memorial pumps and electrical systems

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We’ve Got Your Back

Anna Bager | March 23rd, 2020

Today’s crisis — with restrictions on mobility for the sake of public health that also choke the economy — raises a classic (legit) question about trade associations: does somebody have my back? OAAA has your back.

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No Debate About It: Free Speech Thrives in OOH

Anna Bager | March 5th, 2020

  Soon after Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) voted to convict President Trump of abuse of power – the only Republican senator to do so – a billboard appeared along Interstate 15 in Utah praising Romney as

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A New Year, A New Decade: Top 2020 Priorities

Anna Bager | February 11th, 2020

I want to thank the many OAAA members I’ve met for your guidance and warm welcome. While traveling the country on my nationwide listening tour over the past five months, I have seen first-hand the passion

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Health Officials Address Vaping Risks with OOH

Aaron Burnett | December 16th, 2019

Vaping has been receiving a lot of attention lately, at times championed as a substitute for smoking regular cigarettes but also condemned for creating health problems. To communicate risks of vaping, health officials and anti-drug coalitions

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